Region 15 Tournament Registration

Registration for the 2020 Tournament is not open yet. Check back later for deadline dates and to register!

Registration is not considered complete until ALL three registrations are submitted – Team, Appraiser, & Volunteer

  1. Each Team must provide one Appraiser and one Volunteer to participate on Tournament Day.
  2. Have all the information necessary to register before beginning. (e.g. Team number, Manager & Team Member names (correct spellings!), email addresses, phone #s, appraising preferences).
  3. Contact Jenny Wilson if changes are necessary after submitting each form (contact info below).
  4. Click on the links below to register a Team, an Appraiser, and a Volunteer. (Beginning for the 2019 Tournament, Region 15 Registration will be done on the State DI Website.)
  5. Registration Fee:
  • Register by:  12/??/2019 for $35 Registration Fee
  • Register by:  1/??/2020 for $70 Registration Fee

There is NO registration fee for Rising Star Teams!

Jenny Wilson, 13995 West Willard Road, Novelty, OH, 44072