Region 15 Tournament Registration

Registration is not considered complete until ALL three registrations are submitted – Team, Appraiser, & Volunteer

  1. Each Team must provide one Appraiser and one Volunteer to participate on Tournament Day.
  2. Have all the information necessary to register before beginning. (e.g. Team number, Manager & Team Member names (correct spellings!), email addresses, phone #s, appraising preferences).
  3. Contact Jenny Wilson if changes are necessary after submitting each form (contact info below).
  4. Click on the links below to register a Team, an Appraiser, and a Volunteer.
  5. Registration Fee:
  • Register by:  12/20/2019 for $35 Registration Fee
  • Register by:  1/10/2020 for $70 Registration Fee

There is NO registration fee for Rising Star Teams!

Jenny Wilson, 13995 West Willard Road, Novelty, OH, 44072